Making the right decision

Does anyone else hate to make decisions? I often wonder why I have such a hard time with this, but it must be genetic, because I know my sister Laura struggles too.


Is it a problem though?


I so badly want to make the right decision. Maybe it’s my fear of not making the perfect decision.


I’m usually flooded with so many questions at the offset of an important life decision.

-What does God want?

-What would be best for me, or my family?

-What is the sacrifice or what will I be giving up?

-What will people think of me?

-Why would God put multiple options before me?

-Why wouldn’t He only place the path before me I’m supposed to take?


As I sort through these questions, I’m confronted with the issues at hand.



Will I trust the Spirit to lead me and show me which path to take? Will I wait and then follow when I’m convinced I’ve heard the answer?


Depending on the decision, several questions have to be answered. However, maybe these three would be the most helpful:

1.  What is at stake?

2.  Would God be honored by saying yes?

3.  Have I prayed about this and spent time in God’s word? If so, what has God been speaking about?



Once you have answered these questions, you are close. At the end of the day, you are the only one who can verbally say “yes”, or “no”. God allows us to freely decide.


What decision are you faced with today? Do you think these three questions could help in giving perspective in making the best answer?


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